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Below are the pricing and packages that we offer.  Please note the following:

  • Internet only pricing does not require a landline.

  • "Bundle" pricing is for customers that want both a landline and internet service.

  • Modems can be purchased outright or rented through Blanchard Telephone.

  • Maximum available speeds vary by location, contact us with any availability questions you may have. 

  • New service requires a 1 year agreement.

High Speed Internet

  • Internet installation fee: $60

  • ADSL2+ Modem purchase (wifi capable): $90+tax

  • VDSL Modem purchase (wifi capable): $150+tax

  • ADSL2+ Modem rental: $7/ month

  • VDSL Modem rental: $12/ month

*Monthly phone service will be in addition to above internet prices. Approximately $37/ month.

-VDSL speeds up to 35M down and 5M up

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